1. Warranty period

1.1 Private customers. The hot tub comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of two (2) years for hot tubs and saunas that are purchased for private use. The warranty period starts from the date of transfer of the goods to the buyer. The right to complaint for private persons only applies to the use of goods for personal purposes.

1.2. Legal entities (commercial use). A warranty of 12 months is provided for the hot tubs and saunas purchased for commercial use. The warranty is valid when the product is used in accordance with the instructions. The warranty period starts from the date of transfer of the goods to the buyer.

  1. Warranty conditions

2.1. The buyer is entitled to a warranty against manufacturing and material defects provided that the product has been used for its intended purpose and in accordance with the instructions.

  1. Damage and defects not covered by the warranty

3.1. The Seller is not liable for defects in the Goods resulting from improper or negligent maintenance, storage, installation, use, modification, repair of the Goods and/or their natural wear and tear and/or mechanical damage.

The warranty excludes, among other things, but not exclusively, defects caused by

  • Incorrect assembly of the product
  • Damage due to incorrect handling during and after installation
  • Incorrect fixings, foundation
  • Damage from a hurricane, natural disaster, Frost or other natural occurrence
  • Product modification
  • Repairs not approved by the manufacturer
  • Failure to follow care instructions
  • Insufficient wood care
  • Defective wood finish.


3.2. The warranty does not cover defects typical of wood materials. Such defects include, for example, cracks in the wood, discoloration, swelling or shrinkage of the wood,

3.3. The warranty does not cover damage to the stove or pipe work, due to the freezing of water in the stove or melting of the stove due to the lack of water inside the hot tub when lighting it.

3.4. The warranty does not cover damage to fibreglass and wooden hot tubs or internal equipment due to the water freezing inside the hot tub. Always empty your hot tub if there is a risk of freezing.

3.5. Any colour changes of fibreglass due to the physical and chemical properties of water, as well as chemicals used for care and cleaning, are not covered by the warranty.

3.6. The warranty does not cover wearing parts such as metal grates for outdoor stoves, chimneys, any damage to the coating of chrome-plated parts, such as couplings and nozzles.

  1. Obligations of the buyer upon receipt of the goods

4.1 The buyer is obliged to carefully check the goods for completeness and transport damage immediately upon delivery in the presence of the courier. The buyer signs the shipping document provided by the carrier, confirming that there is no visible damage to the goods received. The document must be signed by both parties on the spot. Save the invoice and receipt.

4.2  If the buyer, upon receipt of the goods, discovers that the goods were damaged during transportation and / or have missing parts, he must inform the carrier about this and indicate the damage and / or list the missing parts in the shipping document and take photos of the damage. The document must be signed by both parties on the spot.

4.3 If the buyer discovers damage from transportation after signing the shipping document, then the complaint must be sent to BALTRESTO PRODUCTION OÜ within 7 days from the date of delivery of the goods. If the Buyer fails to submit a complaint within the time limit, the Buyer loses the right to make claims in this regard.

  1. Elimination of defects

5.1 If the warranty claim is valid,

Midland hot tubs will, within a reasonable period of time,

(1) Repair the product or provides repair materials free of charge, or

(2) Replace the defective product with a new or equivalent product, or

(3) Refund the purchase price of the product if none of the alternatives mentioned above resolve the issue.

5.2 If the product is being returned for repair or replacement, the buyer must place the product outside their property for collection. It is not Midland Hot Tubs responsibility to lift the product over fences or any other obstacles that may be in the way.

The customer bears the cost of return shipping.

  1. Modification of Product Variants

The manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications to the variants of its products in order to enhance their quality and functionality. These modifications may include improved technologies, materials, or designs.

On this basis products may differ slightly that what is shown in our photographs on our website.

Understanding that some of you may have previously purchased products or components, we want to caution you about possible discrepancies. If you plan to purchase any products or components to complement your existing product, we strongly recommend contacting our customer support before placing an order. This will help you ensure that the products or components you select are compatible with your current product.

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience using our products and to avoid any misunderstandings. We are ready to answer all your questions and assist you in choosing the right products for your sauna or bathhouse.


  1. Buyer’s Right to Cancel an Order

1.1. The buyer has the right to cancel an order without providing a reason until the point at which the product has not entered production or the production process has not commenced.

1.2. To cancel an order, the buyer must inform the seller of their intention to cancel the order by sending written notice (e.g., via email) to the seller’s contact address.

1.3. Upon cancellation of an order in accordance with section 1.1 above, the buyer shall be entitled to a full refund of the amount paid by them within [specify the period, e.g., 14 days] from the date of receiving the cancellation notice.

1.4. If the product has already entered production or the production process has commenced, the buyer shall not have the right to cancel the order under this agreement, as the product will be considered as being manufactured on an individual order basis, which excludes the right to cancel in accordance with consumer protection legislation.