Care instructions

You should only light the oven when the hot tub is full with water.  Firing the oven  too hard can cause damage and this is not covered by the warranty. In general, however, it is not a problem, and can only happen with extremely hard firing.

It is a good idea for the water to flow freely from the hot tub when emptying it. Keep the lid on your hot tub when it is not in use. This will stop leaves, insects and other debris getting into the water and contaminating it.


Moving the tub: Do not roll your hot tub as it may damage it. The outer woodwork is raised 6 cm above ground level.  This is to allow good air flow to the air pump. After draining the water from the hot tub, keep the air massage and hydro massage systems running for 10 seconds to remove water from them. you only need to heat the bath and water to a maximum of 40 degrees 38 degrees is ideal, extremely over heating the water can cause bubbles to form in the fibreglass.


Emptying the tub: The water in the hot tub may only be emptied when the oven has cooled completely. Otherwise, residual heat will damage the bath and stove. The maximum weight of the number of people in the hot tub is 425 kg.

Frost protection:  If it freezes, your hot tub must be emptied of water, otherwise the oven may freeze and possibly the air or hydro massage systems also. Frost damage caused by the bathtub / oven not being emptied is not covered by warranty. The stove is double-sided, ie the water is around the combustion chamber. If it freezes, the water cannot expand and the oven cracks.

 Paddle: A paddle is included, but only if you buy a hot tub without the air or hydro massage feature…If you buy a hot tub with one or both of these features , the water is simply mixed by turning one of them on.

Heat cover: An extra thick thermal cover in black leather comes with your hot tub. It folds in half and makes it very easy to put on and remove from the hot tub.

The stairs:  The stairs that come with all our hot tubs are wide and solid. It measures approx. 75 cm wide and 56 cm high.

Insulation: All our hot tubs are insulated on the outside of the bathtub with PU insulation foam isocyanate-free”, which means that the water retains heat better. If you want to paint your hot tub, you can simply loosen the decorative “barrel bands” with a spanner and paint your tub

Beginner’s tips

If you intend to use chlorine in your hot tub. You will need to purchase an oven made from a higher grade stainless steel that can withstand chlorine. It is called 316 stainless steel. Alternatively, you can buy a tablet called CHLORINE-FREE tablet. It will allow you to use your water for about a week without needing to change it, Use smaller pieces of timber to start your fire, once you have it going you can use larger pieces. Only use timber in your stove. Do not use peat, coal or rubbish to light the fire. Timber-like spruce is ideal as it burns hot and fast, Prepare a nice level surface to put your hot tub on. Leaving it directly on grass will allow your hot tub to sink over time and encourages weeds to grow under the tub that may affect it.